tommy pistol

How kinky can you get?

Actually the question is- How Kinky do You Wanna Get? Recently I’m getting hired for fetish and dominatrix shoots. I enjoy new experiences more than anyone can probably imagine and for the first time I can remember I challenged my biggest fear sexually three days ago, CONTROL and not having it. Just handing it over to another being, my whole self completely vulnerable – WoW It makes me tingle! And here I am only writing about it! We all have some limit, a boundary of some kind and thank the Gods/ Goddesses/ the Energies in the Universe that we have those personal choices (for the most part) and should enjoy our time we have in these vessels the best way we can.

This is one of the many reasons I’m crazy over! What an incredible group of happy, nonjudgmental individuals that are obviously evolved more than the average person (nothing wrong with that). With such a big company, I’m very impressed with their organization and openness! You know the kinky yummy stuff that we all try to connect with in some way or another (what a beautiful thing too)! I absolutely felt safe (my first time being dominated) which comes in handy when you want to feel erotic with someone or multiple someones…. Anything goes baby as long as we are healthy, honest and respectful to one anothers boundaries. Let me tell you…. boy when those ingredients are all placed together, it makes for a hot HOT scene, connection, experience and that amazing ability for an ORGASM! Three to be exact! Yes I came for the first time from a women THREE times. Gosh my pussy is all wet and ready for more, more Princess Donna, more torture, more spit, much more choking….

I think I’m in need, I need my masturbate break. This is the effect of fantasy turned in to reality. I am so glad I stepped out of the box (OK its a small box but still got one) and try new ways to touch and interact sexually with others, kink showed me how you can do that safely with class and trash (so to speak).

Thanks for a nice place to stay with all amenities, unisex restrooms (which I absolutely love) and I am very excited to go back San Francisco on the 26th for more Princess Donna! Tommy Pistol was fabulous and sexy with me as well! Thanks ya’ll!!! I may take a while touching my tight pussy so I suggest you go get yourself or/and someone else off…. I love my job! Hope you love yours…. wet dreams to all, let love win my sexy beasts!

Oh and two hot new scenes I shot are now online!

New Naughty America scene!

Street Blowjobs!

Love n licks,